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Are you ready to take the next step? Are you ready to call Kaleo, home? Church membership is an essential part of a thriving church. Church membership means you are “in”, you are vested and you are proclaiming that you are part of this local body of believers. We believe in church membership and we take church membership seriously. Because of that, there are a few steps involved.

This process is applicable to those 18+. (Children of members will be considered members until they become adults and will have to enter this process to become adult members).

The steps below don’t have to happen in this order, but they are all required to become a member:

1. Agree with our “Statement of Faith” and “Statement of Beliefs” found in our Membership Covenant. Download the PDF of our Membership Covenant.

2. Be Baptized. We have regular baptisms, so if you still need to do this, please Signup to be Baptized to be part of the next one.

3. Attend our Membership Class. Membership classes are held 2-3 times a year. They are free to attend and dinner and childcare are provided. Watch for a signup on our home page.

4. Fill out the Membership Application to let us know you’d like to proceed with membership. This helps us get to know you before the elder interview. If you are married, we ask that each spouse fill out their own application separately.

5. Final step: Have a membership interview with a(n) elder(s). This is more of a conversation than an interview, where an elder will want to hear your story and how you were saved. They will typically go over the membership covenant and ask if you have any questions. Once you've completed the above steps and applied, an elder will reach out to you to schedule this.

Once the above items are complete, the elders will review all the membership applicants and either approve or ask for more info from an applicant before approving. Once the elders have approved, we would like to bring the applicants up on stage and introduce them as a member of Kaleo at our next member installation.