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How to GROW?

1. Confess Jesus as Lord believing that he died on the cross to pay the penalty for your sin, and that he rose from the dead to prove it. Ask Jesus to forgive you for your sin, save you, and take you to heaven when you die. This is salvation. Once you have it, you cannot lose it. God Himself keeps you.

2. Get Baptized to show that you have decided to follow Jesus, as your first act of obedience to Him.

3.Pray. Read the Bible. Ask questions.

4. Join a K-Group. It's a community of friends to fellowship and learn together.

5. See our resources tab to the right to find rich and robust content for your edification and spiritual development.

6. Become a member of a local Bible believing church. We would love you to join us here at Kaleo! However, if we aren't a good fit, we understand everyones needs are differnt and we can help you find a churh that is a good fit. 

Questions? Please email