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Whether your marriage needs to be reignited or completely resurrected, Re|Engage is a safe place for you and your spouse to reconnect.


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Would you rate your marriage as a 2 or a 10?

Nothing worthwhile comes easily, and Christian marriage is no exception. A happy and successful marriage – one worthy of God’s design – requires a good deal of work.

Whether your marriage is a solid “8” and you want to get to a “9” or you’re stuck on “2” and wondering if you’re going to make it through another year . . . Re|Engage is for you!

Re|Engage offers hope to marriages by helping couples move toward oneness through stories of grace and teaching, focusing on things like humility, confession, forgiveness, and commitment. Re|Engage uses a small-group approach to facilitate marital health, and rests on the belief that God’s Word, God’s Spirit, and God’s people offer everything a marriage needs to get well. Unlike traditional counseling or mentoring in which couples meet with an individual or even another couple, we believe life and marriage transformation best occurs within relationships with others – community.

Re|Engage meets in-person on Wednesdays during our curriculum periods in the Fall and Winter, featuring large-group worship and powerful teaching or testimony, followed by life-changing small-group times. Re|Engage is an 16-week program and costs $150 per couple. The fee covers the cost of two workbooks per couple and participation in a closed group with four or five other couples. These groups will be led by a “facilitator couple,” who have already been through Re|Engage.

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"Wait, I have questions."

We thought you might. Below are some FAQ. Please contact us if you have more questions. Re|Engage is the best! You guys will be so happy you chose to do it!


What is the Re|Engage Marriage Study?

This marriage enhancement and restoration course seeks to:

  • REVIVE a marriage that has gone “cold”
  • RESTORE a broken marriage relationship
  • REPLACE damaging words and behaviors with relationally healthy ones
  • REPLENISH marriages with a new spirit of God’s design for couples in a way that is sustainable and benefits our children, family, friends, co-workers and community.

Each weekly study includes a video or live testimony and marriage-specific discussions. We convene as a large group initially, then disburse into established smaller groups of 3 – 5 married couples led by a trained, married facilitator couple where important, biblical topics are covered, such as: Love, Grace, Humility, Forgiveness, Understanding, Communication, Emotional Intimacy, and others.


When is Re|Engage offered?

Re|Engage is offered every Fall-Winter. Meetings are held one weeknight per week for 16 weeks, and each session lasts about 2 hours.


Where are the weekly sessions held?

1301 W 100th Ave. Anchorage, AK 99515 (Kingdom Life Church Building)


Why is the Re|engage marriage program needed?

Financial or job stress, unmet expectations, family issues, and social pressures can unravel the bonds of mutual love and respect God created to exist between husbands and wives. New couples to Re|engage often describe their marriage experience as unloving, disappointing, unhealthy, disrespectful, broken, disconnected, passionless, inconsistent, suffering, or miserable. Some remain married only for the sake of children, tax benefits, or public perception. Others coexist more like roommates than husband and wife. Some are separated, and others are married and divorced a few times. Not surprisingly, men and women (and their children) suffer mental strife, emotional trauma, financial loss, substance abuse, serious health problems, infidelity, separation, or divorce – none of which were intended by God for men and women in marriage. Re|engage was developed to restore husbands and wives to each other in meaningful and sustainable ways within the covenant of God’s love and purpose, ultimately reflecting a healthy, happy marriage to our children and all those we know in our daily lives.


Is Re|engage traditional marriage therapy?

No. Re|engage is NOT marriage counseling or therapy.

  • The course follows an established, topical format accompanied by a participant study guide. The program is only offered through a network of selected churches and has proven itself effective nationwide with thousands of married couples. Kaleo Church in Anchorage is an approved provider of the program in the area.
  • The trained facilitator couples leading your small group studies are not licensed marriage therapists. Re|engage facilitator couples are committed, married couples who share a passion for helping other married couples through this particular study and are dedicated to serving God within our church in the area of marriage ministry.
  • Married couples who complete the program in the right spirit and mindset can expect to see renewed levels of mutual understanding, communication, love, joy, passion, peace and intimacy which can only be attributed to Christ’s restorative work in our relationships.


Is child care available?

Yes! We will have childcare available for ages 0 to 5th grade. Registration for childcare will be available during our registration period.


What is the cost to attend?

Cost is $150 per couple.


Is the program available only to married couples?

Yes. Re|engage is designed specifically for traditional married couples of any tenure, and the topics covered are relevant to marriage at any stage.


Can non-christian married couples attend Re|Engage?

Yes! Re|engage is a marriage program built around biblical principles that restore and reconnect marriage relationships, but these course topics covered in Re|engage but can benefit non-Christian marriages too.


Are we required to attend every evening?

We understand that one or both spouses may not be able to attend all 16 sessions. As a marriage program, however, optimal results are attained by jointly attending as many weekly sessions as possible.


Is my privacy protected in the group?

Absolutely. Re|engage leadership and facilitator couples adhere to a strict confidentiality policy among ourselves and all attendees. What’s discussed in the group stays in the group, and participants are assigned to the same group for the duration of the program. Strict adherence to a non-disclosure, “no-gossip” policy ensures you can participate freely and honestly without worry.


What about physical abuse, chronic depression or anxiety disorders, substance abuse, or suicide issues? Can re|engage help marriages with these problems?

No. Serious conditions like these are outside the scope of the Re|engage marriage program. Our church staff may be able to assist Kaleo Church members with pastoral counseling or a referral, but whether Kaleo is your church or not, it would be in yours and your spouse’s best interest to seek professional or medical help for these problems before participating in a marriage-specific program.


When and how do I sign up for Re|Engage?

Enrollment for the Re|engage series begins every August for the Fall-Winter session. Once registration opens you can sign up at


Who do I contact for more information about the Re|Engage marriage program?

Please contact pastor Chris Cha at

For more information on re|engage please go to: